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KeraCare Detangling Conditioning Mist 240ml

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This light conditioning spray, works hydrate and s

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This light conditioning spray, works hydrate and silken hair, resulting in gently smoothed cuticles and reduced tangles and knots. Suitable for natural, relaxed and commercial hair types, with built in heat protection this spray is perfect for styling. Spray lightly on to freshly shampooed hair, dry and style as usual.


  • KeraCare Detangling Conditioning Mist smooths cuticles to gently release tangles and knots from natural, relaxed and commercial hair.
  • Imports optimal hydration and silkening through moisturizing conditioner.
  • Contains phyto extracts of the moisturizing herb, calendula
  • Provides heat protection
  • Leaves hair light, silky and static free


Spray on lightly to freshly shampooed hair. Do not rinse out. Continue to dry and style.


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