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  • £13.49 £12.14

    Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner 240ml

    Curly hair can be unmanageable at times. Its time to say goodbye to unruly hair and say hello to Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner. It gives you soft,

  • £10.99 £9.89

    Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser Sulfate Free Shampoo 240ml

    Creamy Curl Cleanser formulated with certified organic ingredients. Sulfates (the drying detergents found in traditional shampoos that create lather)

  • £6.49 £5.84

    Curly & Coily Co-Wash – 296 Ml

  • £6.49 £5.84

    Curly & Coily Curl Custard – 340 Gm

  • £6.49 £5.84

    Curly & Coily Leave In Conditioner – 453 Gm

    FANTASIA CURLY&COILY LVE IN, Curly & coily leave in conditioner is a reparative hair moisture. These lightweight and hydrating treatment With Pure Coconut Oil and Shea Butter moisturises

  • £5.49 £4.94

    CurlyChic Curly Chic Your Curls Controlled Firm Hold Styling Gel 326g

    Curly Chic Mixed Texture HairCare Firm Hold Styling Gel. Firm holding defining cr`eme creates long lasting and defined curls and coils. Formulated wit

  • £6.99 £6.29

    CurlyChic Curly Chic Your Curls Refreshed 360ml


    Infused with Apricot Oil and Mango Butter

    The ideal AM/PM styling product to reinvigorate curls and coils with minim

  • £6.99 £6.29

    Curlychic Rice Water Remedy Strenghthening Condish 356ml

    Our Rice Water Remedy strengthening deep conditioner fortifies hair

  • £6.99 £6.29

    CurlyChic Your Curly Custard 326g

    Curly Chic Your Curly Custard.Maximum moisture and manageability without the sticky, tacky, greasy feel
    No Sulfates, Parabens, Petrolatum or Mineral

  • £5.49 £4.94

    Dabur Amla Kids Nourshing Hair Oil 200ml

    Kid’s hair are different than the adults, hence it requires a special care.

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

    Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs.

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Dabur Vatika Naturals Night Repair Hair Cream 140 ml

    Dabur Vatika Naturals Night Repair Hair Cream is mixed with egg, castor, honey and almond.

  • £6.99 £6.29

    Dabur Vatika Naturals Tropical Coconut Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 500g

    Vatika Tropical Coconut Hair Mask combines the goodness of coconut with Castor and Henna.

  • £6.99 £6.29

    Dabur Vatika Naturals Volume & Thickness Styling Hair Cream 140ml

    Volume & Thickness Styling Hair Cream has Coconut, Castor and Henna extracts in it.

  • £3.49

    Daggett & Ramsdell Color Stick Instant Hair Color Touch Up 10g

    Daggett & Ramsdell Colour Stick. Instantly touches up roots and gray hair.

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Daggett And Ramsdell DR Facial Fade Gel 42.5g

    DR Facial Fade Gel. Helps to gently fade freckles, dark areas, skin blotches, age spots, discolorations
    Moisturizing formula. Gentle to the skin.

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Daggett And Ramsdell DR Hand And Body Cream 42.5g

    DR Hand And Body Cream
    Hand And Body Cream non irritating gentle to the skin.Helps to gently remove age spots, freckles, dark areas,skin blotches a

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Daggett And Ramsdell DR Leg Cream 42.5g

    DR Leg Cream
    Helps clean discolorations on the legs Conditions and moisturizes. Gives legs a smooth, evenly toned appearance. Non-irritating. Gentl

  • £3.49 £3.14

    Daggett And Ramsdell DR Under Arm Cream 42.5g

    DR Under Arm Cream
    DR Under Arm Cream helps improve discolorations under the arms and other sensitive areas. Conditions and moisturizes. Highly ef

  • £4.99 £4.49

    Dark & Lovely Dark And Lovely Diamond Rich Sheen Spray 265ml

    Inspired by the everlasting beauty and shining power of diamond, a conditioning oil sheen spray to bring moisture and boost shine everyday with no gre

  • £6.99

    Dark & Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Colour

    Dark & Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Colour. An innovate formula that delivers vibrant, fade-resistant color and shine.

  • £4.99

    Dark & Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Permanent Haircolor

    Dark & Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Colour. An innovate formula that delivers vibrant, fade-resistant color and shine.

  • £4.49 £4.04

    Dark & Lovely Ultra Cholesterol Intensive Treatment 250ml

    Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment with Panthenol is an intensive conditioning treatment specially formulated with Panthenol and Vitamin E derivative.

  • £4.99 £4.49

    Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Kids Scalp Care Relaxer Normal

    Beautiful Beginnings, the Relaxer Kit is expertly made with aloe vera and coconut oil to protect your child’s hair during the relaxing process.

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